LILY ROZHKOI teach Heart of Yoga, a simple yet profound practice of allowing breath to guide the body, where each movement begins and ends with breath. In my classes, students are guided to experience the benefits of conscious breathing while directly participating in the truth of what is already given: Life in ordinary conditions. When life force, or prana, is flowing freely through the body, a space of an open heart is created, as well as a clear mind, a genuine sense of love and deep knowingness of the self.

In addition, I implement inhaling the aroma of therapeutic grade essential oils which can be transformational to one’s emotional health. This breath-centered practice is completed with a meditation which arises after movement as a gift of harmony between body, mind and spirit. It is suited for all levels and is meant to awaken one’s senses, strengthen the body and come home to self. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. I invite you to try yoga with me so that you can FEEL better and feel BETTER.