1000 YTT certified, Reiki 1 & 2 certified, Aroma Touch certified, 200hr Devi yoga for women certified, Breathwork certified

Jenn ParmaWelcome to my website! Welcome hOMe to yourself! It is my heartfelt intention to hold a safe and sacred space for those of you that feel called to work with me.

Parma Wellness is the business name that holds the container for the creative flow of my offerings, events, retreats, and whatever else begins to feed my soul and in turn feed the souls of those around me. I was given the Sanskrit name Parma by Baba Hari Dass, yoga master at Mount Madonna Center. Parma means Highest Divine Power and Beyond. My intention for Parma Wellness couldn’t be defined better than in this one word. Connecting to our true essence, our highest Self, our Soul. Going into and beyond the many changing layers of our bodies (physical, mental, energy, emotions, experiences) to re-merge with our Highest Self, Anandamayakosha meaning Bliss body; pure love, happiness, and joy. This is not just a momentary surge of these feelings, but a permanent, unchanging place that lies within. This is the place I intend to hold space for you to remember. When we can live in our truth and connect being fully present, we can make a shift in consciousness. Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, energy work are all beautiful practices to assist us in the connection to our Soul Self, to trust and allow the flow to happen without fear.

A little about me….
I am an adventure seeker, nature lover, goddess embodied, spiritual & wellness guide. Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork were miracles in my life, bringing forth deep healing for wounds and darkness I couldn’t navigate out of. These practices taught me to truly love all of myself. To love my ever-changing body temple, to honor and feel my flowing emotions, to connect deeply into my energy body as it ebbs and flows, and to begin the most beautiful re-connection to my true essence, my Highest Divine Feminine Goddess SELF. This is the miracle that changed the course of my life forever! This is the miracle that keeps me diving deeper into these practices.

My healing journey is what has inspired me to teach, and hold sacred space for others to receive the healing and sweet connection to the essence of who they are, to the highest divine power just waiting to emerge in us all! It is my deepest desire to serve humanity by being a guiding light on the path to spiritual wellness using the multitude of healing modalities and practices that I have acquired. I started my spiritual journey in 2011 after spending 10 years working in the Health and Fitness Industry. I have studied with many renowned yoga teachers, healers, spiritual leaders, reiki masters, and wellness professionals. I offer private and semi-private yoga sessions, Meditation, Reiki, Intuitively guided Healing sessions and Sound Healings. I am a co-founder of High Vibration Breathwork and facilitate private and group breathwork sessions.

I am also deeply passionate about supporting women to heal and be empowered to rise into the Divine Feminine Goddess that we are! I developed Goddess Embodiment to inspire women to learn about these Goddess energies and to call them in when needing support. I offer Special Events in the Santa Barbara area and transformational festivals.

My love for travel, nature, and adventure has led to offering Retreats. Bringing this transformational practice of Self-discovery into different Sacred places on this Earth has been a great gift.

Please read more about my offerings, it would be an honor and pleasure to cross paths with you on this incredible journey.

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